OEM Air Mouse MX3


OEM Air Mouse MX3

High Quality 2.4G Remote Control Air Mouse Wireless Keyboard for MX3 Android Mini PC TV Box.

*It works as a mouse, which converts your space movement in the air into an accurate displacement on the screen.
*It works as a keyboard, and you can use it portable to replace your usb keyboard.
*It works as a remote, which you can program and learn some important keys from your TV remote.
*It is designed with some universal function keys, which work for most TV boxes, HTPC.
(it is not granted to work for all though because some systems are customized by the vendor)

Designed for the living room, bedroom and PPT show business.
Wireless (2.4 GHz RF) connection, smart & convenient and efficient for conference portable size, presentation and conference.

It makes it easier for Android TV Box / Dongle and Smart TVBrand

Connection: 2.4 GHz (kb + Air Mouse), IR (remote control tv)
Mouse: Fly / air mouse
Keyboard: Standard QWERTY keyboard
US Other: IR learning function, Android hot buttons, Android TV Box
Receiver Type: USB
Distance: <10m
Battery Type: 2x AAA battery
IR: Yes

Supported operating systems: Windows, Android, Linux
Suitable For: Smart TV/Android TV BOX/HTPC/Laptop Etc
1. Android TV BOX
2. Network Player
3. All In One PC
5. Smart TV

Product Diagram
Important Notice: This is a universal controller. U h normal that few keys might n〇( be applicable to your device because of diffcrciU codec by diffcrent manufacture.
Pair: Insert enclosed dongle into your device’s USB port; pairing is complied once you can see and move mouse cursor on the screen. If pairing unsuccessful.
press (he OK button and TV button at (he same time. Your device should now be connected.

Function Keys
Home: Go back to the home menu;
Return: Go buck (〇 previous screen:
OK: Confirm action or insert cursor:
Cursor Locking: Short press to lock the wireless mouse, another prees to unlock it.
LED indicator will light up each time you pres any key;
IR Learning
There are five buttons you can use as IR remotc buttons: the very lop left buttons (Power) and the bottom four color buttons (Red. Green. Yellow, and Blue). To learn, your MX3 remote will! require assistance from your standard TV remotes.
1. Position the IR emitters so they arc pointing to each other;
2. Long press (4-5 seconds) the TV key until LED slowly flashes^
3. While you see LED slowly flashing, press the key on your TV remote you want to set;
4. If LED notification is solid, it has successfully received your TV signal. At this time, choose one of the 5 learning keys;
5. Press TV button to confirm changes.

Go back to step 1 and start a new set up. These keys can be changed^ at any time* at your desire.
Wireless Keyboard
This keyboard has 38 keys as shown above. Backspace: Delete

CAPS: Caps Lock (Switch Caps ON or Off)
ENTER: Confirm the operation
SPACE: Spacebar
ALT: Press Alt, to switch (o blue characters, and press Alt again, (〇 switch to white characters.

Transmission: 2.4G RK wireless;
Sensor: 3*Gyro + 3*Gsensor:
Number of keys: 81;
Range: 10m
Battery Type: AAA*2;
Material: Plastic and silicone;
Size: 172*52*19MM
Weight: l00g



OEM Air Mouse MX3


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